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Re: Race against Trans Am V8

Hmmm...wish my 200t would do that!!! Still got problems with it, but
runs good down here at the coast. However, BMW 323i (2.5 litre)
pulled out of a service station today just as I was gunning it
(about 100kph) and only gave me a short distance to brake. He saw me
and then hammered the throttle, I was pissed off at him for cutting
in like that and pushed after him. Only gained on him a bit, but he
did some nice accelleration. I backed off 'cos my 200t keeps cutting
out and my gearbox seems to be flushing oil all over the place and
my IC-IM hose has split open again (which I think has something to do
with my final silencer box being almost a centimeter smaller than the
rest of the system!).

Anyway, would really like it if my car could compete with the V8 motors.
:) Lotsa work to do before getting it to run proper! (Would you believe
the agents want $300 for the IC-IM hose and $500 for the rear silencer

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