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5000CST Euros

In the collision with the snowplow, my Hella XL's took the brunt of the
force, so they're gone.  Good news is I get my $120 back.  Bad news is
that my father has expressed his opinion that it "ruins the look of the

So, I'm thinkin Euro lights.  1987 5000CST.  I need everything, including
the wiring harness, those side-marker/turn indicators.  Accepting "bids"
immediately, lowest bid "wins" :)

Also, what's the deal with the "integrated fog lights"? No one has really
every clearly explained this(at least I never saw it.)  Is this only on
certain models?  Also, what's up with the "city lights"?  I hear they are
"Saab style", ie, small yellow lamps set in the bottom of the headlight,
providing a dim(eerie) glow.

Some polaroid pictures from listers w/5000 euros would be worth a thousand
miles <yuck yuck>

I'm interested in hearing of any and all sources for Euros.

As a sidenote, anyone want a set of US spec 5000 turbo lights?  One is
brand-spankin' new(a la plow,) the other is as old as the car(I think.)
I will entertain, as with Euro light prices, all reasonable offers.