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Re: Side impact beams?

Armstead, Brian wrote:

> Harrison:  The side impact beams are beams UNDER the body side moldings.
> The way your response is worded leads one to think that 1/2" of plastic
> is all the protection you get in an Audi.  I've seen some Audis in the
> boneyard that have held up pretty well to intrusion.  I disagree with
> your statement on cars with side impact protection, as Volvo and Mercedes
> (among others) also have pretty hefty beams in their doors (along with
> enhanced SI protection that utilizes the "B" pillar to offset crash
> energy.), and that's before we talk about advances in side airbag
> technology, including BMW's bag for the head that stretches from the "A"
> to the "B" pillar.

>From the wrecks I've seen ( we handle mostly european cars here), the BMWs,
MBs, and even Volvos do not hold up in a direct side hit. Now when it comes
to front & rear, these cars take it like a man (no offense to any group
here). I just dismantled an 89 BMW 735i that was hit in the front that looks
like a 90mph crash & the damage  only went to the shock towers. I also have
here an 86 5000cs quattro hit in the passenger doors that completely crushed
the right seat. Side bags? Haven't seen any yet. But I don't expect the cars
that have them to hold up any better, just to protect the passenger a little