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Aux. Fan - 87 4kq

Regarding my last post about the Audi Gods being vengeful, I just have a
few questions about the auxillary fan in my 87 4kq that will not shut
off... from the moment I turn the key to the "ON" position (not cranking
yet), the fan whirrs...

What should I check?  I've pulled the relay and am about to dig up the
multimeter to see if we've got a short.  I know the control is a
thermoswitch somewhere, but where?  Could someone point out where it might
be so I can see if there are loose wires?

Or, if that is completely assinine, let me know :).

87 4kq - whose fan is constantly buzzing...

                    [PGP] finger mchang@ece.nwu.edu