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RE: Koni info (in defense of Koni)

Does anyone out there really feel that they should have to go to all
this trouble just to buy a company's product and then expect them to
honor their own stated warranty???  

I sure as he!! don't.  So much for Koni.  

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> Thanks for the clarifying information.  When I read your original
> post, I was under the impression that you didn't have the original
> receipt for the shocks, and I wasn't aware of the other stipluations
> about needing a current, valid registration.  I have a garage queen of
> my own with a lapsed registration and Konis...I _am_ the original
> purchaser, but you're saying I'd have to get the car registered before
> sending a shock in for repair if one started to leak.....hmmm.  And
> the guarantee is _nontransferrable_ should I sell the car, even with
> the original receipt.... another hmmm.  That I didn't know.  Maybe
> it's time I write a letter to Koni myself.