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Re: Quaife Differentials

I can tell you teh quaife and torsen both use gear technology, but use
different gear configuration. The helical cut gears in the quaife are all
parallel to the drive shafts. The torsen uses a more complicated system.

I have a quaife in my Scirocco (used to autocross). I've seen a torsen or
two since my friend worked at the R+D facility for a year (which is right
down the road from me, BTW) and the formula SAE team at RIT (where I went
to grad school) used a torsen in their car.

The guys at Zexel-Gleason didn't recomment a torsen due to the potential
torque steer in the FWD (or front diff of 4WD). I've found no adverse
effects from the quaife in my car (on the street). I didn't notice any
on the autocross courses either, but I only used it for half a season.
(Yes, I hope to get back to autocross in a few years! The grin factor is
just to great!!!)