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Stupid question

How the heck do you remove those plastick covers on the centers of the
BBS look-alike wheels on my 80q?  Pry them off?  Twist them off with a
wrench?  I have no owners manual (if you'd like to correct this, let me
know) so I'm simply guessing as to what the proper procedure is and
since I'd like to aviod wrecking them, I figured I'd turn to the
Also, Someone in the midst of this whole Koni thread mentioned that
shocks aren't designed to work with lowering springs (in other words
it'll dettrimental to their lifespan).  What ricks am I running with
stock shocks?  What shocks are out there that will work for my car (H&R
lowering springs w/ 1.25" drop are on the way)?
Mike Stump
89 80q