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Re: Good News.... No lifter clatter


Sounds like a good product. At the moment I seem to be having oil
pressure problems. My gauge will drop to about 0.8 - 1.0 bar pressure
at idle and rises to about 3.8 bar when running at speed. I am using
a synthetic oil with viscocity (sp?) of 5W40. After I had an oil leak
fixed and the new oil put in a was driving and heard a small thunk
and when I came to a stop sign after that I noticed the oil pressure
was low. I think the guys who worked on my 200t who put a new sump
gasket in with copious amounts of silicone might have overdone it on
the silicone and some of it is stuck in the oil pump somewhere. Also,
lifter noise is also constantly present. I think at some point I will
revert back to dino-juice, but get a turbo specific oil from Mobil or
Elf. This product you mention seems to be good and I'd like to try it
when I get the oil pressure and oil seen to. Only problem is finding
it in this country (South Africa). To that end, could you please
provide me with as much information as you can about the product?
Is there somewhere where I can order it online or see what users have
to say about the thing? (ie. hype-centre!) Who makes the stuff?

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