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Torsen recovery - no bite

An additional note to my post...

At our quattro school theory lessons, the instructor specifically explained
how it is possible to recover a Torsen car even when you are, as he put it,
looking out the back side window at the direction of travel.  It involved a
sequence of clutch in/full opp lock/full throttle and subsequent
declutching - all within a fraction of seconds.  He demoed this to us at the
track, but as I do not have the dancing feet à la Mikkola/Röhrl, I did the
next best thing - I avoided, as someone very sensibly put it, poking my
finger in my eye.

I'll be back on the track late next week, given enough time and soft enough
banks, I'll try it s'more.  I still recommend a large radius ice surfaced
skid pad and a decent ice track for anyone wanting to get to know their
Torsen quattro.  There is no substitute for hours and hours of practice.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland