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Re: Rotor heaven?

John Karasaki wrote:
> My old rotors are in a pile in my shop.  Come to think of it, there are
> Rabbit non-vented rotors in that pile too.  They should have gone in my
> scrape metal bins, but I can't seem to part with them!  Crazy...

I'm not sure if our rotors are a large enough diameter or heavy enough,
but I've been in quite a few independant shops that have used them as
bases for stands for assorted shop equipment.

Weld a length of pipe to the rotor and a piece of steel to the other
end, and you have a great stand for a bench grinder.  Use a shorter
piece of pipe and some angle iron instead of sheet steel and you have a
homemade jack stand or third hand to help install that exhaust pipe.


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