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One Thousand pardons..  to you and everyone. I was just trying to be   
helpful. I sometimes feel like if these discussions go way over my head,   
and I just wanted in, but obviously not with these sort of responses. So   
to everyone out in Audi land I'm SORRY!! It will never happen again.

From:  sargent[SMTP:sargent@symposiafoundation.org]
Sent:  Tuesday, March 10, 1998 5:13 PM
To:  wdouglas@gordoncapital.com
Subject:   Warning alert - you are highly gullible

Keep this virus crap off the list. Volume is very high and this sort of
trash is wholly inappropriate. Open Webster's and look up the words
'gullible' and 'hoax'.

Stop clogging the internet with this garbage. If you must circulate it,
keep it within your own pathetic mouth-breathing group of associates.