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Drag racing an A4...

Quattro people,
	I'm looking for people (or pointers to other lists) who
are considering or have started working on modifications for
A4s for drag racing.  As you may or may not be aware, there
is a large group of people who drag race Mitsubishi AWD
cars, and some of them prefer 4 doors.  There are only so
many Galant VR4s left in the world, and thoughts are starting
to turn to the new A4.  Anyone who does have an interest in
this, and/or can tell me how well the Audi drivetrain deals with
high RPM launches on pavement, higher boost, etc., please
let me know how suitable you think it would be.  TIA
For those of you disgusted by this (and you know who you 
are ;-)), all I can say is get ready to hear a lot more of these
questions for the next few years.  As long as the drivetrain
isn't weak, it looks like Audi has built a well suited car for