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Mystery $1,600 Computer Brains In My Drawer

I am a refugee from the Vanagon list and thought someone on this list might
be interested or able to help.

I have two VW brains in my drawer that I got at auction (a few years
ago, along with a lot of other stuff) for which I have no use. 

They are part number 037 906 258.


With a Bosch part number of 0 261 200 497

Can anyone help me identify what car these brains are for and
for whom they might have a market value?

I am not on the quattro list so if someone can help or has interest, cc to
me or email to me directly.

Derek Drew

Following below for reference purposes is a note I got from Jim
Thompson on this issue which indicated that, the best he could figure
out, the brains were special order from Bosch for $1,600 each.

Derek -

After some checking with ALL of my VW fiches, I couldn't find this
It's no longer listed in VW's price list (or perhaps never was, see
Similar numbered pieces with modifier letters following the part
average about $800 at VW.

Definitely an ECU for some sort of Digifant/Motronic Fuel Injection
it's available from Bosch (Factory Special Order Only) to the tune of

I'm going to have to speculate here -

I have no Passat films, but it may fit that in the 91-93 time period
037 prefix is common in these models).  In addition, It may also fit a
different Audi Models (Quattro, S4, 100) of the 91-93 time frame as
based on the production date stamped on the case, but again I honestly
don't know.

I'm going to recommend that you throw it up on the VW WaterCooled (or
Newsgroups, rather than the Vanagon List - you may get more response
possible identification from a newsgroup (even though there's a lot of
trash there these days.  Is there an Audi List of sorts these days?

Jim Thompson
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