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RE: Chvron TECHRON Report

I've been seeing it at Target (a Wal Mart type store here in the west),
in both big and small bottles.  And they've been restocking it.  I have
noticed the Pep Boys phenomenon, however.

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> Subject: 	Chvron TECHRON Report
> A few weeks ago, I reported that Chevron's Techron
> product was no longer appearing on the shelves at
> Wal-Mart, and that it had been replaced by another
> Chevron product, ProGuard _with_ Techron.
> Ditto for the local Pep Boys; a big empty shelf
> that formerly held Techron is above a fully-filled
> shelf of Chevron ProGuard.
> If you can still find Techron, stock up, it really
> looks like they taking the full concentration product
> off of the market.
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