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quattro rear defog, mudflaps, blaustuff

1.  Not that many s-beginning audi driver really cares, but my 4kq has
"quattro" in the rear defrost element.  And it's worth adding that I think
that's WAY cool.  I love when my rear window gets fogged up.  And don't expect
me to believe all you out there with this neat setup don't feel the same way!
All I need now is for a tree limb or something to fall on it...KOW

2.  I am sorta looking for mudflaps for the 4kq, and I'd like 'em to resemble
the rally setup (no pep boys applications, please), and have come across two
one: dealer ($24 a pair, have Audi emblem, hopefully can be blackened-out,
might look lame anyway.
two: modify, i.e. cut Dodge Ram pickup flaps (seen it done, looks cool, cheap,
may be a tad overkill).
ANYone gotta better idea?

3.  I just got the Jim Blau's flyer, and am also intrigued by the new stuff.
He has been out/really busy for the last couple days, so I still wait on the
lowdown for the r/ swaybar setup.  Same with cam specs/setup.  This leads to
this: the list refered to a upper strut stressbar, what about a lower one
between the a-arms?  No room?