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Re: V8 flooding

From: Douglas Glanz <dglanz@yahoo.com>

>I have a '90 V8 quattro that has an intermittant problem (it has
>happened twice).  After it sits for a while, usually about 2-3 days, I
>go out to start it.  It turns over, fires and then dies.  When I try
>to restart it, it is obvious that it is flooded and is hard to start. 

I've just heard of this same phenomenon happening with a friend's '89 BMW
M5.  Apparently, this is a well known problem on the M5;  the M5 uses an
L-Jet Motronic (AFM, not AMM) so I don't know how close this is to the V8,
but it sounds logical.

Immediately after you start up a cold car, the fuel injection system runs
in "rich" mode.  For exactly how long I don't know, but the result is, if
you shut down the car too soon (or it dies) the engine gets flooded--you've
been able to start yours, the BMW folks get to pull their plugs, dry them
off (or replace) then try again.  

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