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Re: KBB vs. Black Book

I'm aware as a salvage dealer in Ohio of this fact. However, if you are looking at
a car from a private owner it is very usefull. Even at a dealer, it is a good
guideline to what the car is worth.



> The black book is very accurate because it is a compilation of cars that
> actually sold to dealers at auction ,generally within a few weeks time. That's
> the good news. As it shows how much cars actually sold for to dealers why
> would one be inclined to sell cars for his cost ? On top of those figures
> there are auction fees,$150 plus,transport ditto, rent,insurance,taxes, heat
> and A/C, dealer plates, bonding, salaries, workmens comp, repairs detailing
> and on and on. Oh yeah he also likes to eat!
> .02
> DF