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Re: Idle Switch Connector

Lewis, Gary M wrote:
> I talked to 2 dealers and they don't know what the P/N is.  The number
> off the connector is:
> 171 906 230

I am not sure what you are looking for but perhaps I can help.
I have replaced on a 1985 5000s Auto, the assembly of two switches
attached to their connector. The switches are Idle and WOT as you
mentioned. I tinkered with the idle switch and destroyed it. WOT and 
wires for both switches and male side of connector in pristine
condition. (Female side of connector is part of the harness that remains
in the car).
I will be glad to ship the connector and switches to you for "free" if
that is what you are looking for.
Please advise and if wanted send address direct e-mail