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Re: Water cooled turbo conversion-ur-quattro

>The K-26 is also available in water-cooled.  K-24 is a smaller diameter turbo which I understand was developed for the 20v engine.  Reaches boost level faster, but not capable of as much total boost as the K-26. 

So the K-24 gives you max boost sooner, K-26 gives you much more of it
once it gets going.>>

Anton write: <<Let me correct myself. It was mentioned to me that I
might look into the S4 turbo (K24) but I should have pointed out that
that is not really my intent.  The water cooled turbo conversion would
be the K26.>>

What is your intended purpose for the UrQ?  If heavy track use is your
intention, a K26 is likely a winner.

If, on the other hand, you intention is street use, I'm with Glen that
the K24 is the way to go.  My 85 UrQ already had a K24 when I bought it.
(IA stage 1 mods, but otherwise stock)  Compared to other UrQ's I'd
driven, throttle response and general drivability were significantly
improved.  The K24 easily puts out 2.0 bar... maybe not as efficiently
as a K26... but it spools up _much_ quicker. Perfect for the street.
Just my .02

Bill Elliott