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RE: Marketing 101

Let's remember just exactly who Audi is/was marketing the Torsen-equipped quattros to: street drivers and not track racers. Based on what I've been able to learn from the 3.14159 posts I've read on the Torsen subject, it would appear that the Torsen works very well on the street right on up to 7/10ths driving. As street driving is (or should be) at < 7/10ths then the Torsen seems to be a reasonable compromise to achieve close to 100% mechanical locking-like traction and always-on ABS while eliminating the need for the driver to 'think' about such mundane and boring things as diff locks and ABS-off switches and lock w/out ABS Vs open/w ABS tradeoffs. It also would appear that most (all?) quattro competition vehicles did not use the Torsen, but then they did not need the compromises that exist in street cars that made the Torsen so attractive for street use in the first place.


>> So, basically, is consensus that a q-car with torsens handles corners like
>> crap?

>Yeah - no Audi has gone round a corner successfully since 1987, if you
>believe some of the utter bullshit now being posted.

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