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Suspension Advice, 1991 200tq


Need some info, I'm pulling my hair out here.

I'm researching various sources for suspension springs and shocks for my
1991 200tq. Many companies list springs and shocks for our cars,  other than
the 1991 200tq specifically. Can anyone on the list offer to me sound advice
as to what applications would be the same for the 1991 200 tq?

For instance, Eibach (http://www.eibach.com/cgi-bin/appguide1) is showing
springs for the 83-90 5000 and 200, and the 92-94 100, 100q, and S4. No 1991
tq listed.

Neuspeed (http://neuspeed.com/sprapp.htm) is showing springs for the S4, S6,
and 100q (same app for all), and a separate part number each for the A6 FWD,
avant, and Q. But, no 1991 200tq. I've run Neuspeed springs on my VWs and
I've been really happy with them.

The guy I talked to at RD Enterprises (http://www.shox.com) claims to have a
set of H&R springs for the 1991 200tq that drop the car 1.5".

Same goes for shocks. http://catalog.com/susq/bilstein/baudi.htm shows the
SAME shocks for all of these: 100/200/A6/S4 Quattro (V8, V6, 20V only). Yet
RDE claims that there's no apps showing in his books for other brands.

Koni and KYB appear to not have applications for this car.

Here's what I want to know sports fans: I have a 1991 200tq. What other cars
in the Audi line (S4, S6, 100, 200, q and FWD, A6, etc) uses the same
physically-installable suspension springs and shocks? My "suspicion" is that
the 1991 200tq is a rare beast for the line, in that it possibly uses the
same stuff as the S4, S6, and A6; it's possible the car is so low-volume
that manufacturers didn't take the time to research and list them

Any takers?

Last question: what brakes suspension design did the 1995 S6 use? Same G60s
and struts as the rest of the line?

Greg Amy
Milford, CT