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Re: HELP I made a big bobo

Hairy green toads from Mars made DOUBLDz@aol.com say:

>  Paul Luevano writes:
>  >>..........Which brings me to my next question, can anyong recommend a good
> body shop in the metro Boston area?  This will not be covered by insurance and
> will be comming out of my pocket and, while I want a good job done, it does
> not need to be showroom, I want to try and keep the cost down.<<
> I'm wondering if your homeowners insurance would cover this (assuming you have
> this type of insurance). I am under the impression that damage to one's car
> when parked in one's own driveway comes under homeowners. Also, a nice thing
> about homeownres insurance is that the deductible is usually alot less than an
> automobile insurance dectuctible. As with all other things....I could be
> wrong. 

That is generally true. It doesn't even have to be your car.
My brother was parked in my mother's driveway when a tree totalled
his (ahem) Jeep Cherokee. My mother's HO insurance covered it no problem.


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