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Leaking rear main seal

In message <> Steve Manning writes:

> I have the classic squealing rear main seal problem ...

> 1.  Is this seal leaking under boost also, not just at vacuum under idle,
> and thereby causing all sorts of havoc?

Yup.  It only sees varieties of "suck" down there.  More boost, more

> 2.  Is it worth paying someone just to replace the seal without replacing
> the clutch, since the tranny would presumably have to come out anyway?  The
> car has 136k and presumably a good bit of life left on the clutch, but if
> it is just a matter of parts and the labor is the same I probably should
> just get the whole lot done anyway.  I don't have the time to get this done
> myself right now.

IMO you should _NEVER_ do this job without replacing the clutch
components.   One look at the labour charge estimate will convince you
instantly.  Make sure that the mechanic who fits the new seal knows
that it has to be oiled before fitting, and should not sit on any old
wear site.

 Phil Payne
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