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Scattered magnet in window regulator: fixed

About 2 years ago, my right rear window became inoperable. I thought that I
had to buy a new regulator. I checked it out, by taking the interior panel
of to see if there were any blockages or out of track problems. There were
none I could see, but I could tell, that the motor was getting power
because, when I pushed the switch, I it gave a slight bump. Then I thought,
the problem may be in the motor. I pulled the motor housing off, and
discovered the problem . One of the magnets in the housing, had slivered ,on
the the surface, like slate does!  Of course the little chips of magnet were
scattered everywhere in the housing and on the armature, and were causing
the motor to jam. After removing the magnets, and tedious cleaning of the
armature housing and magnets, I could tell that one of the magnets would
continue to sliver. I glazed both magnets with super glue, let them dry and
put everything back together, and it rolled up and down happily ever after.
Martin, about to get QLCC chip 86 5KCSTQ 170K