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Audi Boutique

While we're on the subject, where is Audi Sport and Quattro badged stuff
available.  I know I've seen it on the net somewhere but can't find it now
<damnit>.  Help help help.....

At 07:42 PM 6/30/1998 , you wrote:
>	From:  Wolff[SMTP:wolff_b@ix.netcom.com]
>	Sent:  Saturday, June 27, 1998 11:01 PM
>	To:  audi.talk@vw.com
>	Subject:  Boutique Concern
>	I like your boutique, but where are the items with quattro logos? 4
>	rings are nice, but a lot of enthusiasts insist on quattro. Please let
>	me know if you add any quattro items to the boutique.
>	Thanks,
>	Wolff

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