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Career advice need from Qlist

Hey fellow Qheads,
Since Audi has never responded to my resumes that I send them, I have yet to
start my plan for taking over Audi of America, time to look elsewhere for a

As some of you on the list know, I have been in healthcare contracting and
marketing for around 4 years now since I got my degree.  And as some of you
may know, I am now burned out.  I am looking to get out of healthcare and into
something totally different, and more stable. 

I am considering getting licenced to be a home appraiser, so if any of you on
the list are in this field, let me know, I would love to hear more about it.

And if any of you have suggestions for other fields I should look at, please
let me know.

Sorry to waist BW, but I figured I would get a great cross sample of careers
off the list.

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