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London Must See! (min-audi)

Almost forgot this one....

All of you over in the UK (if you get to London often or are looking for an
excuse) deserve to get down to the Design Museum on Southbank, Thames.

Visted there last week to see the special exhibition on Ferdinand Porsche.
Fantastic exhibit!!  Five stars.  All cars and respective history.  From the
first 4wd drive car (any guesses?) to a current Boxster sawed in half.
Definitely worth the 5~6 quid.  Don't want to give any too many details, but
will put up pictures when developed.  In the meantime...get down there!

Phil will no doubt enjoy the concurrent BOSCH exhibit upstairs.  From the
first spark plugs, to efficient washer/dryers to great retro refigerators.
Also good stuff, but Porsche steals the show.  

Hints on exhibits: Nein-Funf-Nein, James Dean, 76, Third Reich, Daimler,

Derek Daily
90 CQ
86 VW qsw