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Re: Turbo conv. clutch help needed!


Does your 80 q have the pilot bearing in the flywheel? I suspect it does.
The MC powered cars had the pilot bearing located in the crankshaft. I have
a photo showing the late 200tq (3B) flywheel next to an S4 (AAN) flywheel.
this clearly illustrates the differences. If You would like I'll send you
the JPG file.   I traded my S4 flywheel clutch assembly to Brandon Hull for
his 200tq unit. necessary since I am  installing to a 016 trans and he is
mating the 3B to a 90 CQ.    I don't know where you are located but you may
want to have a discussion with David Jones at Rev sport Motors in Colorado
Springs. 719.471.4103  At the track in Pueblo last Sunday I found out David
is dealing with a conversion where a previous garage tried to mount the
wrong flywheel clutch. Ugly, since the customer had already sold me the
motor with the flywheel he needed and I had already swapped with Brandon.
Good planning with a conversion is the  watchword.


PS if anyone wants to host that picture (20V site?) let me know.

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Subject: Turbo conv. clutch help needed!

>While attempting to put an MC engine in my 88 80Q, I found that the splines
>of the trans. input shaft don't fit a 5KT clutch disk. The 80 shaft is a
>larger diameter than the 5K. I didn't anticipate this!
>I could use the stock 80Q clutch, but it is a little smaller than the
>I think a 90-91 Coupe Q might have the correct diameters. If someone has an
>old disc from a Coupe or a 20V 90, I need to know the diameter of the
>splines and the outer diameter of the disk.
>Or, if someone knows the key parts to this problem, please help.
>Any comments are GREATLY appreciated.
>P.S.: I'll give a full report of the conversion when I'm closer to the end.