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re:4000 vs. coupe

A first car teaches a lot more than how to drive; which several of the
responses have noted.  A car teaches responsibility, courteousness, respect
for the boys in blue, and jeez -almost every part of your life is somehow
affected by car ownership. From my first day of car ownership (80 Scirocco) I
had to pay for all tires, oil, tune-ups, speakers, and everything else on my
Pizza Hut salary.  I'm thankful I didn't have to feed an Audi; I was lusting
over an '84 coupe GT, at the time- couldn't afford it anyway. So, to my mind,
would your son rather buy 4 or 8 CV joints? A clutch or a diff.? Try and make
car ownership easy and enjoyable for him. Besides, the coupe does look more
like a TQ, and he'll appreciate quattro more after some FWD time.
My $.02
best of luck, and have fun
-Shane East