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RE: Type 44 tire/wheel size info...

>> Car/year, wheel size/offset, tire size/maker
>'89 200TQ.
>1. Summer: 16x7.5, 38ET, 205/55/16, SP8000
>2. Winter: 15x6, 45ET, 195/65/15, Hakka NRW

My '89 200q runs the same wheels year-round (what's this "winter" stuff,

Front:  17x8, 33ET, 215/45-17, BFG Comp T/A
Rear:   17x8, 45ET, 215/45-17, BFG Comp T/A

> If you have non-stock flares, did this rubber fit before the flaring
>I later tried wheels off my A4 on the 200 (16x7.5, 35ET, 225/50/16, SP8000) and
>they were still rubbing even after the flaring - it's a no go.

I didn't do ANY bodywork but did remove the plastic liner from the rear
wheel-wells and two of the screws that secure the plastic liners in place in
the front wheel-wells.  If you use a narrower tire (or perhaps a different
brand), this may not be necessary...

On occasion, the front wheels will rub the fender lips slightly if I hit a
REALLY large bump but not enough to leave any evidence of this on the tires
themselves ... it's only because I can hear it and see the rubber this
leaves on the inner fender lips that I've confirmed that it happens.

After 45k with this wheel/tire combo, I've managed to put one small dent in
one rim (it is obvious to me but so far, nobody else has spotted it)
although both my father and my girlfriend have managed to scuff the paint on
them pretty badly.  Because the rim is so wide and the BFG's don't have
rim-protector bands on the sidewalls, you must be careful when parking the
car as the point of contact is the rim itself and not the tire.  (I've also
had amazing longevity with these tires: I replaced the fronts at 32k but the
rears are still going strong at 45k!!  I figure they've got still got
another 5-8k left to go and this is despite the fact that I never bothered
to rotate them ... incredible.)
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