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Re: S4's with stock strut braces?

I don't believe there is any rhyme or reason to which models came with the
strut brace.

As far as my research shows some early '92s didn't have them. There is one
in Boulder that doesn't even have the mounting ears on the strut tops.
Asides from a few random '92s I've seen strut braces on all other S4/6s that
I've seen.

I have yet to see any aftermarket pieces.

TAP not customer service oriented????? What a shocker. I never would have
none (not!).

Wrecking yard? I can get you the part number as soon as my brace returns
from the powdercoater.

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>a) Does anyone know _which_ S4's came with a strut brace (I think it's the
>rectangular one, as on the V8 (?))