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Replacement Bulbs

I'm not sure what all years of vehicles this will benefit,
but I figured I'd share the info.

My '93 90S has some very small bulbs that are used in
the high mount third brake light and in the dash behind
the climate control knobs (manual, not auto). There
might even be a few of them hiding behind the gage
cluster, I haven't had that out, yet.

I originally bought replacement bulbs at the dealer,
where prices can run from $1.10 to $1.50. Just for
clarity sake the Audi part number is #N0177512.

While at one of the local parts chain stores in the area,
I stumbled across what appears to be a suitable, cheaper
replacement. They had three different bulbs, all the same
configuration, so I asked the counter guy what the
difference was. Turns out they all had differant wattage
ratings, so I grabbed a pair of the highest, which were
1.4watts (if I remember correctly). I proceeded to
install one in my high mount brake light and used some
stuff in the car to depress/hold the brake pedal. It seemed
to have as much light as the stock ones, but it was during
daylight, so it was hard to be sure. I need to check it out
at night to be positive.

The good part is that I only paid $1.49 + tax for 2 of them.
The are made by a company called Eiko, bulb #74.
Following info from package:
EIKO Products are distributed by
WIKO, Ltd.
10490 W. 164th Place
Orland Park, IL 60462-5495

Hope this helps other Listers save some money.

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