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Re: Accessories

I changed the wiring for the radio on my '91 Audi 90 type 89. I took
the positive lead from the ignition switch. Sorry I can't remember
which, but there is a lead that activates just before the 'ignition
on'-position. I can turn the key on my car so that the radio goes on
and the ignition does not. The ignition goes on 1-2 mm later.
Maybe you can find the lead on the ignition switch with a voltage


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>Steve Frattini decided to speak these words:
>> Also I recently installed a new blaupunkt radio and Cd changer on
my 84
>>5ks.  Is there a way to make the radio go off when the ignition is
>>off?  The crutchfield rep I talked to said to run a wire to the fuse
>>and hook it to something that shuts off when the ignition goes off.
>>great, but how?
>I have this problem too and didnt want to bother with the ignition on
>thing...so what i do is simply hit the detach button anytime i turn
>the car, but dont remove the face from the unit itself, so it just
>of sits there, halfway in and then all i have to do is push on it to
>re-seat it when i get back in the car....its a simple solution and is
>habit now so i dont even notice that i do it anymore..
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