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Re: Wheel's & Tank's

I know my 87 and 86 4kq's don't have 26 gallon tanks. I thought that was 
only the coupe quattros?


Date:	Mon, 24 Aug 1998 19:12:51 -0700
From:	tsal2@juno.com (Timothy C Salazar II)
Subject:	Wheel's & Tank's

I've got a few questions for you people who know everything Audi.  I own a 
Coupe GT, as you all may know, and was wondering which parts off other cars 
will fit on my car.  I found out the hard way that the rims on the CGT have 
a different off-set than that of the '81-84 coupe's.  So here's the first 
question:  Besides the 5000 and 4000's from '85 to '87, what rims off which 
cars will fit on the CGT's?  I keep hearing references to Saab and Ford. 
 Which models, the 900's and Mustangs?  And here's my other question:  Will 
the 26 gallon gas tank from any model 4000q fit in the CGT?  If so, what 
kind of modifications would I be looking at, if any?  Would there be any 
fuel pump problems?  Fuel guage sender mishaps?
>From all the driving I do, that extra 10 gallons would come in handy.
Has anyone ever done this before?  Thanks to all of you guys in advance!
Love, Like, or Just Plain Tolerate,
'86 CGT (My Baby!)
'82 Coupe (R.I.P.)