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G60 front brake carrier/guide pin assemblies...

As it appears no one sells guide pins, has anyone priced or bought lately
the complete front carrier assemblies? Alternatively, do rebuilt calipers
include the carrier/guide pins or are they seperate?

I've considered trying heat shrink around the old guide pins - sure am
tired of hearing the Girling 60 death rattle with each stop and go... If I
wuz back on the ship I would have the machinists do some oversized ones.

Just did new pads and rotors on the Chrysler - Kelsey Hayes knows how to
make sweet floating calipers - they'll never wear out - not only are they
beefy as heck, but the floating assembly is built into the caliper instead
of the carrier (you also don't have to pull the carrier to replace the
rotor as with the 4 ringed wonder).

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