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Re: Best price on Lubro Moly chemicals?

   Also try your local Ace Hardware or small hardware store, look for
   something like LPS Premium All-purpose, LPS Force 842, or an
   equivalent.  A hardware store's prices might not be much better, but you
   won't have to pay for shipping.

LPS . . . Hmmm . . . Yeah, uh, there is (was?) a mail-order place
called "Aircraft Spruce" or something like that; they are an aviation-
oriented supply house; they carried LPS lubricants, and I remember
(for what little that's worth) their prices being good. It's been a
fair number of years, though, since I ordered anything, so I don't
even know if they are still in business.

If you can find them, and it works out, let us know...