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re: NE Fall Tour, Kanc Run II, or New England Craziness

>Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 00:47:56 -0700
>From: "Osman Parvez" <oparvez1@nycap.rr.com>
>Subject: NE Fall Tour, Kanc Run II, or New England Craziness
>Hi Folks,
>    Paul Royal brought up the subject of a Fall foliage tour a while back
>but I haven't heard anything in a while. I was wondering if there is still
>sufficient interest in this, and if so that we start the planning now so
>people can make time to schedule the event on their calendars.
>    Of course, we will eventually need a central organizer so that we can
>take this off list. I believe Paul may have taken this role for the fabled
>Kanc run. Therefore I nominate him to do so again.. ;)
>    Anyway, I believe he mentioned something along the lines of a more
>sophisticated version of the Kanc run involving a reservation for a meal
>along the way. However, I would be satisfied with a simple Kanc Run II. I
>would suggest sometime in mid-late October or perhaps early Novermber for
>the event, most definately on a Saturday.
>     P.S. I'm a little behind in my responses (started school) so give me a
>bit longer to get back to you than normal. However, I'm very gung-ho for
>the event and would be happy to offer my assistance in organizing it. Any
>Osman Parvez
>Albany, NY

I'd be interested in coming over from western NY to join in. But if the
object is to time the Tour for viewing Fall foliage (nice idea, IMO), then
scheduling in early November might miss a lot (most?) of color. At least
that tends to be the case in these here parts. Even mid-October could be
late for Adirondack color, but perhaps the New England mountains lag us a
bit (?).


Phil Rose				Rochester, NY
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