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Old Tech

Phil writes:
>This is not restricted to differentials.  I doubt that 10% of the technology
in the A4 >Touring Cars is available to the man on the street.

I might disagree somewhat, in that the engine is driven by many on the street
in 2.0 liter GTI motors.  Though taller, the configuration is the same and
over 15years old.

"Less than 10%"?  I might take you up on that, it IS an A4 after all.  The
heated glass is even used, for your misty venues, Phil.  The basics to the
suspension are the same "technology" as the road A4, just lightweight race
components vs the road car.  The rules are pretty restrictive on the
"technologies" allowed.  Bigger this, or lightweight that, isn't "technology"
or re-engineering.  It's just racing vs road car.  About the only exception to
this is the total pick and trash of the stock steering rack.

I guess we are getting down to definitions of "technology".  Just as relevent,
I suppose, as the definition of "quattro" to some.  

Scott Justusson