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Re: Hello everyone

> Hello everyone.  I'm new to this list.  I just bought an 85 audi coupe

Hey, Welcome!

> So, does anyone know how hard it is to replace the steering cable and
> if its something the average Joe could do?  

Speedo cable? Yeah, pretty easy on my 84 Coupe, but I can't say about
the 85, Audi may have gone to the electro speedo sender by that point.
If not, there are two cables- one from the tranny to the O2 Sensor service
interval signal box (which lights up the OXS light every 30,000 miles), then
one from there to the speedo. Check both.

> And, how would I fix the hood latch problem?  I'm pretty mechanically
> inclined and know a lot about cars but I dont have a whole lot of
> hands on experience.  

You'll need to buy a new cable assembly, and just put it in. You might 
want to look at one on another car that works so you can see how to
pass it through the firewall and how to hook it up.

> Thanks everyone and I hope I will enjoy being a member of this list.  

Good luck!  -doug q
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