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Re: Fall Tour

Actually it takes about 2 weeks for the color to move form northern NH
down to the seacoast (where I am).  The local papers tend to carry nice
full color graphic maps to further enable pinpoint traffic jams...

If you look at the USDA zone chart, NH goes from zone 3 to 6, due to the
moderating effects of the proximate Atlantic Ocean in the southeast. 
Heck, my yard goes from zone 4 to 5.

And, yes, of course the time the color hits varies by season.

Personally, I don't care whether the trip coincides with fall color,
come on, most of us who will/might participate live around here.  I have
a maple I can see from my bedroom window, so I barely need to break
through my coma to enjoy the season...

BTW, didn't someone set up a northeastern sub-list?  Shouldn't we be
discussing this there now that the general population of the planet
knows it's going to happen if they want to participate?

Robert Myers wrote:
> Our peak color time here is about the third week of October (depending on
> the season we've had).  It is usually quite fantastic.  I was assuming that
> the colors in the NE would be earlier than ours.  Maybe not, huh?

Huw Powell


"This is the place where death rejoices to teach those who live."

Usually it is written in Latin.