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1970 911s FS- 6K Mi, Kevin Baisley

Having recently revived a couple of not really that long coma Porsches,
I'd like to offer my thoughts. All hydraulics, period. Mechanical Fuel
Injection pump, rebuild. Supply fuel pump, all flexible fuel and vacuum
and breather/vent lines, and possibly the fuel tank, will have to be
replaced. Tires, if you can even find replacements, will be necessary.
Modern tires in modern sizes will lessen the value of the car. Any
replacement of OE parts with redone or same as parts will lessen the
value. They don't even make the original door seals anymore, for
example. If you paint it, it's worth less, and if you recondition the
wheels, ditto. Peeling undercoat, the same. The absolute best place to
advertise the car is in "Porsche Panorama", the official publication of
the Porsche Club of America. Sit back and be prepared for the SHARKS!
Some of these guys make the sweepstakes scammers look positively
angelic. Join the PCA, read the mag. Talk to someone in the tech field
and someone in the concours field. Some of these guys are so altruistic
it'll make you ill. Whatever you do, don't touch the car 'til you do.
And, DON'T take it to a dealer. They  got no soul, ya hear what I'm
sayin? They're not even the first choice for NEW car service. You'd be
amazed at the sophistication of the aftermarket when it comes to Porsche
maintenance, performance, and restoration.