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Smoke Machine / insect repellant (83 5kT)

I think Phil asked this:
> Any takers?  I see that the Bentely says that these can be replaced with
> the head installed, using the proper VAG tools of course.  Has anyone BTDT?

BTDT I've never done it on an Audi but I have done it on American cars. You
can buy a little kit at Pep Boys (and I'm sure any parts place) with a hose
and spark plug adapters as well as a tool that grabs the valve spring and
compresses it so you can remove the locks.

You get the piston to top dead center on the firing stroke, plug your
compressor into the hose with about 80 psi air pressure, compress the valve
spring, pop off the locks, remove the spring, replace the valve guide seals
and put it back together.

However, the usual symptom of bad valve guide seals is blue smoke only when
you let off the throttle going down the road. The high rpm and high engine
vacuum sucks the oil through the valve guides into the combustion chamber.

Bob Cummings 87 Coupe GT