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Escort's New Passport 7500

Greetings to all,

  I noticed in this month's C/D an ad by Escort for their new Passport
7500. It sounds like its got the technology to be a pretty nice piece of
equipment. As much as I would love a V1, the new Passport is $229, about
$170 less than th V1, and I would imagine my wife will look at me a bit
funny just when I try to explain why $230 is a good deal. 
 So, my question is, I thought I read in the past that Escort was going
through reorganization and customers were getting billed but not receiving
their product. Any update on the situation? Is it safe to give them my
money? Is this product a sufficient replacement for a guy who would love a
V1 if $ were no object?

Thanks for everyone's time,