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Re: Brake warning light?!

In a message dated 9/6/98 8:25:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time, GY3WSX@vm.sc.edu

<< My brake warning light has been coming on in my 200tq.  It is not the big
 warning light in the display in the instrument cluster, but the one that
 on with the e-brake.  It doesn't do this all the time, but comes on more when
 I hit the brakes hard. <SNIP> the other day and noticed I was low on
 hydrualic fluid, so I topped it off.  But, today, the the light started
 on again.
    Any ideas of what could be the problem?  Where should I be looking?  Any
 help would be greatly appreciated.
    Dan >>

Two things, Dan, leak somewhere in the system (check hydro pump, lines and
rack), but the symptoms you describe are also indicative of a failing bomb.
Try pumping the brakes while in park a bunch of times- does the pedal get
stiff in less than 20 times?  Does the light just stay on after startup longer
and then go out (after ten-15 seconds?)  This is what's happening to me.  Will
have to order a bomb soon. HTH

-Ingo Rautenberg
90 v8q 203.5k
85 4kq 130k