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Re: 85 CGT overheating

I had a similar problem this summer (on my 82).  Almost swapped fan,
then discover it worked.  Yeah, just connect 12v to it, the right way

My sensor in the rad was good, the relay was good.  Turned out to be the
connection at the fuse box, or rather, the actual mounting for the fuse
for the fan.  Melting...

For testing purposes, you can pull the two wires off the sensor on the
bottom rear of the rad. and jump them, fan should run all the time
then.  If it does, btw, the sensor is bad.  

If you have a complex after run fan system, work around it.  I don't,
didn't have one until I rerouted the fan circuit to a B+ terminal on the
box (and installed a separate inline fuse), so now I have a "simple"
after run fan.  I guess some cars have another relay for it.

Dan Murphy wrote:
> Hey again everyone.  I have another problem to fix on my 85 Coupe GT.
>  The radiator fan isnt working and thats why its overheating.  I
> thought I could just connect a 12V source to it to see if it works.
> What else can I do to check it?  What could be bad?
> Thanks again everyone.

Huw Powell


the steering wheel isn't connected to anything, it's just a place to
rest your hands