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A8/S8 drivers don't exist

     Spell checkers don't catch the first two examples either. Grammar 
     checkers do but nobody uses them. I frequently have to proof-read text 
     from people with degree and PhD qualifications and the your/you're 
     error is one of the most common.
     Anyway; Todd Young wrote:
     >BTW, was reading a UK publication called "Audi Driver", there's a 
     >company in Germany called MTM (can't remember what it stands for). It 
     >would seem these guys have adopted the 1.8T engine as a pet project,
     I think this company also do a conversion for the 4.2 A8/S8 (also 
     featured on inside cover of August issue of Audi Driver - I think; 
     check tonight). Useful power hike to 420bhp from 340bhp of S8. Torque 
     is phenomenal and lower down. 20" alloys make car look smaller. If 
     anyone interested then I get full spec/contact details for you.
     I don't hear of many A8 drivers on this list. Do you exist or is this 
     the wrong forum for you affluent guys (if there are hundreds of you 
     hiding in the cyber-ether please don't all jump out at once onto the 
     Al Woolhouse
     '85 UR1
     '95 A6 2.6

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Author:  "Lino M. Valadas" <valadasl@osha.igs.net> at internet
Date:    08-09-98 15-48

>>The spam issue aside, I'm never favorably impressed w/people who don't 
>>the difference between "your" and "you're." 
>As well as between "that" and "who". 
How about "their" and "there".  Spell checkers don't catch these.