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Re: A4 Alignment issue - Who did your alignment?

Steven J. Sherwood wrote:

> Who did your alignment? I am guessing Carlsen
> Porsche/Audi, correct?...

You are correct, sir.

> Steve couldn't
> get mine back into spec either...but it
> is not that far off.  Did they give you
> the printout.

No, I was in a hurry and didn't get the numbers. I don't believe Steve,
the Audi tech, did my alignment though. I'll be talking to him next Mon.
when I go for my 10K service.

>  My stats:
> Camber: LF -1.24 degrees, RF -1.28 degrees (0.19 and 0.23 off)
> Toe: LF 0.07 degrees, RF 0.07 degrees (within spec)
> Cross Camber: 0.04 degrees (within spec)
> Total Toe: 0.14 degrees (within spec)
> Camber: LR -1.11 degrees, RR -1.09 degrees(0.01 off Lside)
> Toe: LR 0.10 degrees, RR 0.10 degrees(within spec)
> Total Toe: 0.20 degrees (within spec)
> Thrust Angle: 0.00 degrees (within spec)
> I figure the camber setting for front is good for
> autox and driving schools anyway.

Yeah, I agree with you there.

> Again, I have the H&R coilovers, which are definitely
> different than your set-up.

Not sure how coilovers make a difference, per se. They might have a
little different geometry (?) My guess is that your camber will be
different since your car is lower. It'll be interesting to find out what
the readings for the toe are.

Ron A. had his A4 done with the same exact setup but set the perch one
notch lower on the Bilsteins, both front and rear. Consequently, his
ends up being about 10mm lower than mine. I need to re-check with him on
his alignment numbers since he seemed pretty happy with his results.