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UPDATE: Discount Tire Replica rims for Audi

At 02:34 PM 9/10/98 EDT, you wrote:
>I called Discount tire they claim they are in stock and are 35 mm.
>So I need a 45 mm offset? I think Ronal has a 42 mm offset on a 16x7.5 wide
>rim will this work?
Wow, that's a 180 deg. turn since I spoke with them last week.  Shawn at
extension 432 confirmed that the wheels are indeed 35mm offset.  I told
them that they just hosed themselves out of a ton of 5ktq sales!  Why is it
that wheel manufacturers treat the type 44 bodied cars (V8 excluded) like

You need a 45mm offset to clear the fenders in the rear without flaring
them with a baseball bat.

Many on the list have fit 16x7.5 wide wheels with 35mm offsets on their
5ktq/200tq cars using 205/55/16 tires and a baseball bat to flare the
fenders.  That 42mm 16x7.5 wheel Ronal might sell will rub without
modifications or running higher negative camber in the rear.

What wheel does Ronal offer in the offset/size you describe?  TIA.

The GOOD NEWS is that the wheel is only $129 each -- and in stock.  As
such, it is still a great alternative for the OE flared fender bodied Audi
owners out there.

I hope this information exchange has been helpful and not a waste of

Best Regards,

John Karasaki
"Alle Rowdies fahren Audis"

'82 urq (stops on a dime)
'86 4kq (boy, they total Audis for little reason)
'87 coupe gt ("crash me into a car" red - 4 sale $1000)
'87 5ktqw (daily beast of burden)
'87 5ktqw (parts car after tree incident - parts 'o plenty)
'90 V8 (wife's; soon to have 944T brakes!)