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Re: NEW RONIN Movie..!!!! rippin' Audi S8 quattro!!!!!

In message <199809101813.OAA0000012836@wasted.zk3.dec.com> Douglas Frank USG writes:

> Iy you own an A8, you don't use parking lots.  Jeeves just sits at the curb
> and waits for you.  The cops don't mind.

I've long thought that was the one universal characteristic of all
human cultures.

I've been all around the world, many times.  Europe, Asia, the old
Soviet Union, North and South America, etc.  _Everything_ is different -
social and sexual mores, food, bribery, oriental vs. occidental
negotiation, you name it.

But the world over - a limo driver idling the engine at the kerbside
_never_ _gets_ _a_ _second_ _glance_ from the local law enforcement

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