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Re: climate control

At 11:56 PM 9/10/98 -0700, you wrote:
>(Temporary.) Disconnect the vacuum line to the offending vacuum motor
>and cap the Y-connection.  At least the center vents stay open,
>even though I'm now fresh air only.
>(Long Term.) There is a repair kit!!!  A metal braket for the vacuum
>motor.  Thanks to Scott Mockry for this information.  Part # is
>200 271 200 and Linda has (had) one.  We'll see how this works...
>> A few people lately have posted with problems in the climate control (cc)
>> system in the late '80s early '90s audis.  I forget who, but one lister
>> that lately his car stopped blowing cool air through the center vents, and
>> only blew through the upper and lower (and the dealer wanted to recharge
>> system freon).

When you put the metal bracket in, do yourself a favor and tap the mounting
holes (10-32 is the correct size I think). Then take some scrap aluminum
and make a matching bracket to go around the plastic mounting strut.  Then
put the repair bracket in front of the strut, and your home-made bracket in
back of the strut and screw the 2 together.  Only slightly tricky to get
the vacuum hose re-attached. 

You have to live in the land of OZ if you think you're gonna drill holes in
the mounting strut.  There's absolutely no room to get your hands in there!


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